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Stop Wasting Money & Time on Invalid Focus Groups

As COVID restrictions have lifted and courts are back in session (with massive backlogs), I have found myself busier than ever before. I took the downtime during COVID to create a free e-book called “Junk In, Junk Out,” which is a guide to conducting your own jury research – correctly. I often have attorneys approach me with their focus group results, hoping that I can use the data to reframe the case or develop an opening statement strategy. Unfortunately, when I review the focus group, I often realize that the results have been compromised and cannot be relied upon. No one wants to waste time and money. My hope in creating this book is to prevent the common pitfalls and teach you how to run a focus group reliably and validly. If you would like a copy, please reach out to me directly ( There are no catches or gimmicks – the book is free. 

Here are what a few attorneys have said so far:

  1. “David Ball created a monster in you, Jessica. I’ve been using an older version of David’s and it works but this guide you created is awesome. It is updated and streamlined. Can’t wait to try it. Definitely the best content find on LinkedIn to date.”

  2. “It’s very well done. Thank you.”

  3. “This is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing.”

  4. “Very well organized and comprehensive. This is very helpful.”

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