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Jessica Brylo, JD, MA, Owner and Lead Litigation Consultant

Jessica Brylo is the owner and lead litigation consultant at Trial Dynamics, a consulting firm dedicated to plaintiff’s civil and criminal defense litigation. She specializes in case framing, jury research, opening statement development, witness preparation, and jury selection.


Over the past two decades, Ms. Brylo has spoken to thousands of jurors and conducted hundreds of mock trials, the results of which she uses to guide case strategy and framing on cases ranging from soft tissue injuries to 9-figure catastrophic injury cases and multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuits.

Ms. Brylo originally trained with one of the nation’s leading trial consultants, David Ball, Ph.D., and is one of a handful in the nation who has studied Arizona Project (1996) videos of real juries deliberating. She has a JD and Masters in Psychology, both from Duke University, and is a board member of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC).

Ms. Brylo specializes in cases involving personal injury, car wrecks, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product defect, premises liability, trucking litigation, medical negligence, civil rights, mass torts, and employment law.

Publications from Jessica Brylo, J.D., M.A.


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  • “How to Write an Effective Closing Argument,” Trial Talk, April/May 2009

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  • Multiple interviews with The Denver Post regarding the James Holmes murder trial, 2015

  • "Where Do the Courts Go From Here?," Trial Talk June 2022

  • "How Attys Can Get Reliable Data From Pretrial Focus Groups," Law360 September 2022

  • "Strategies For Predicting How Jurors Will React To Your Case," Law360 December 2022

Speaking Engagements with Jessica Brylo, J.D., M.A.

  • “Using Focus Groups to Identify Potential Gender Biases,” CTLA Women Trial Lawyers Network, March 2011

  • “Making Sense of Non-sensical Verdicts: A Dive Into the Juror’s Mind,” CTLA Blockbuster 2012, January 2012

  • “Jury Selection: Preparing for Success,” Adams/Broomfield Bar Association, November 2012

  • Death penalty panel debate, Temple Emanuel, Denver, September 2015

  • Broadcast interview regarding the James Holmes murder trial, CBS Evening News, 2015

  • “Juror Concerns in Product Liability Cases,” CTLA Product Liability Committee, March 2016

  • “Witness Prep: Working from the Inside, Out,” Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education event, 2020

  • “Witness Preparation in a Divorce Case with Jessica Brylo,” Divorce at Altitude (podcast), June 2022

  • “Tipping the Scales in Your Favor,” Trial Lawyer Nation Episode #108, June 2022

  • “Case Framing Workshop,” Trial Lawyers University Live Conference, October 2022

  • "Lessons Learned from an $8.4 Million Trip & Fall Verdict with Zero Comparative Fault (and no settlement offer)," NAPLA Annual Convention, May 2023

  • “The Art and Science of DIY Focus Groups,” Trial Lawyers University NYC, Sept 2023

  • “Reframe Your Case with Jury Consultants” Workshop. Trial Lawyers University NYC, Sept 2023

  • Persuasion Principles for Trial Lawyers, Strafford Webinar, October 2023

  • Psychology of Picking a Jury, Colorado Women’s Trial Lawyers Association, May 2024

  • Breaking Through Barriers: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts, Trial Lawyers University, Huntington Beach CA, June 2024

  • Crafting the Narrative: Optimize Case Framing With a Jury Consultant, Trial Lawyers University, Huntington Beach CA, June 2024

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