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Speaking Engagements

  • “Using Focus Groups to Identify Potential Gender Biases,” CTLA Women Trial Lawyers Network, March 2011

  • “Making Sense of Non-sensical Verdicts: A Dive Into the Juror’s Mind,” CTLA Blockbuster 2012, January 2012

  • “Jury Selection: Preparing for Success,” Adams/Broomfield Bar Association, November 2012

  • Death penalty panel debate, Temple Emanuel, Denver, September 2015

  • Broadcast interview regarding the James Holmes murder trial, CBS Evening News, 2015

  • “Juror Concerns in Product Liability Cases,” CTLA Product Liability Committee, March 2016

  • “Witness Prep: Working from the Inside, Out,” Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education event, 2020

  • “Witness Preparation in a Divorce Case with Jessica Brylo,” Divorce at Altitude (podcast), June 2022

  • “Tipping the Scales in Your Favor,” Trial Lawyer Nation Episode #108, June 2022

  • “Case Framing Workshop,” Trial Lawyers University Live Conference, October 2022

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Trial Dynamics

Jessica Brylo, J.D., M.A. is the owner of and lead consultant at Trial Dynamics. She graduated cum laude from Duke Law School in 2007 where she received her Juris Doctor degree and Master of Psychology. While there, she was trained by one of the nation’s leading trial consultants, David Ball, Ph.D. She is one of a handful in the nation who has studied Arizona Jury Project videos of real juries deliberating. She specializes in case framing, jury research, opening statement development, and jury selection. Over the past two decades, Mrs. Brylo has conducted hundreds of mock trials, the results of which she uses to guide case strategy and framing.

Mrs. Brylo founded Hoffman Brylo Consulting (now Trial Dynamics) in 2008, a full-service litigation consulting firm specializing in plaintiffs' civil cases, criminal defense, and family law. She has worked on multi-billion-dollar class-action lawsuits, low-impact crash cases, and everything in between. She has participated in several eight-figure verdicts but works tirelessly for cases of all values and causes.


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