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What Clients Say

Jessica Brylo has exactly the kind of sense you need in a consultant and is an important voice on the trial consulting scene.

David Ball

Dear Jessica:

I wanted to express my sincere GRATITUDE for your guidance, kindness and professionalism with respect to my zero dollar offer jury trial in San Diego.

I have seen many jury consultants and trial strategy experts in my career as a trial lawyer and as a Judge. You are at the very top of your profession.

You obviously made an important impact with your insight as to how to psychologically present the case in an advantageous manner and knew who would be a compassionate juror.

I wanted to sincerely thank you and express my gratitude for seeing and experiencing what excellence in your field truly looks like.

God bless you.

Retired Judge/Plaintiff

Jessica’s pre-trial focus group work was absolutely invaluable to us in framing the case. She also helped with mini openings, openings, and jury selection. Rock star!

John Gomez - $8.4 million verdict trip and fall Plaintiff letter

Your help and insight was so valuable. Your prep with my client was elite, and in a trial when she shared her story, she was able to do it with sincerity and conviction. I can’t stress enough that it was your work that got her there. And what a jury! Unanimous, near perfect endorsement of what we asked them to do.​

Greg Mohrman - $3.5 million pedestrian hit by car; $300k offer

We have used many jury consultants in the past and I have to tell you that we think you're really fantastic. We will be using you on all our cases. 

 James Frantz 

Thank you so much for your help. I have many more coming up. Wont try a case without you again!

Nicholas, New York attorney

I will be glad to recommend your services to anyone wanting to run a focus group and would certainly like to be able to work with you again.

David Klibaner

I admired your tenacity in pushing us through the crafting of the focus group statements. I came to appreciate how important that turns out to be.

Alan Higbie

It was extremely beneficial to be able to talk to Jessica Brylo. I found her thoughts cogent and outside of the box. I would not hesitate to suggest you contact Jessica.

David Webster

Mrs. Brylo proved instrumental in framing voir dire questions. In essence, she helped us achieve maximum impact and provided good insight so I highly recommend her services.

Peter Anderson

Jessica Brylo provided invaluable help leading up to trial. She arranged several focus groups that truly helped us refine the issues in the case - issues that we didn’t even know were issues before. I have no doubt the outcome would not have been as positive had it not been for Jessica’s assistance.

Sean Olson

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