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Best Kept Secret

Workdays are one of the consultant’s best-kept secrets…

They are one of the best, most efficient, most cost-savvy ways to use a consultant.

They’re really not a secret, but rather far under-appreciated and under-utilized.

During a workday, you have full access to the consultant, which means you can accomplish several objectives simultaneously.

For example, you can work up more minor cases, run them through the consultant back-to-back, and receive framing help on several cases that share in the cost. Consulting help doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing, and work days are one of several fantastic ways to get help on smaller cases without breaking the budget.

You can combine case framing with work on opening statements, voir dire, or even call in a witness to do some witness preparation.

If done in person, you can work on personal skills, such as voir dire coaching, do in-person witness prep, work together on opening PowerPoints, and run through cases.

If you would like to set up a workday, contact me at or call 303-653-2233

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