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Giving Away ONE Admission to TLU Live Seminar!

I am giving away one admission ticket to the Trial Lawyers University Live conference October 26-29th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (worth over $1200). I will be hosting a workshop on Saturday morning on Case Framing where every attendee will have time to work one-on-one with me in a small group setting to find the story of their case. Often, the story we think we need to tell is different from the story jurors need to hear. In this workshop, we will discuss the case background, break the case apart, and rebuild with a much stronger focus. You will walk away with a new focus as well as tips on how to present the theme through opening and voir dire.

Aside from my workshop (which I hope you will attend), the conference lineup is incredible. You will hear from the greatest of the greats: Keith Mitnik, Harry Plotkin, David ball, Nick Rowley, brian panish, Michael Cowen, and about 50 others.

If you would like to attend, please contact me at with one thing you want to learn to better yourself as a trial lawyer and who you most want to learn from at the conference. I will gather names and pick one out of a hat by September 22nd to redeem the free admission.

I would love for you to attend my workshop. I am not making that a requirement of winning, though it may give you a leg up 🙂

*Conference is ONLY for plaintiff’s civil or criminal defense attorneys. You will be responsible for booking your own travel and hotel (there is a conference rate available), but I will cover your admission.

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