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Juror Insight Focus Group DVDs – Video Previews and Sale Info

About 6 months ago, I posted that I would be running six different focus groups on issues most central to trial lawyers. The focus groups are finished and ready for sale. Below you will find details about the focus group content. This is a way to get focus group feedback extremely inexpensively.

I recruited two groups of jurors from Denver and the surrounding areas and tested three topics with each group. In addition, when you purchase a DVD, I will send you a list of some time stamped talking points where I give my commentary and feedback on what the jurors are saying. This gives you an opportunity to get consultant feedback on the focus group as you are watching it.

Here is a link to my YouTube account where you can view previews of each of the DVDs:

Here is a synopsis of some of the topics covered in each of the DVDs.


Included in this disc are two panels of juror discussions regarding:

  1. Who is responsible for keeping public premises safe

  2. Expectations of store owners regarding wet floors from rain, snow, or spill

  3. Responsibility of the injured party

  4. Fixed versus temporary hazards

  5. Safety sweep time schedules

  6. Uneven concrete walkways

  7. And more…


Included in this disc are juror discussions regarding:

  1. Possible injuries from low speed crashes

  2. Pre-existing conditions

  3. Injuries compiling on one another from  previous crashes

  4. Brain injury from low speed impacts

  5. And more…


Included in this disc are juror discussions regarding:

  1. Responsibility of a company to make a product safe

  2. Responsibility of the user of the product

  3. New safety designs and duty to implement them in products

  4. Warnings versus design safety

  5. Minimum Federal safety standards

  6. And more…


Included in this disc are juror discussions regarding:

  1. Expectations of the claims handling process

  2. Insurance delay tactics

  3. Independent Medical Examiners

  4. Claims handlers ignoring treating doctor opinions

  5. Claims handlers’ use of statistics to determine whether an insured is injured

  6. Litigation syndrome

  7. And more…


  1. Video case study of actual MTBI client

  2. Impact required to cause MTBI

  3. Symptoms of MTBI

  4. Concussion

  5. MBTI vs. Depression

  6. And more…


Included in this disc are juror discussions regarding:

  1. Coordination among care providers

  2. Expectations on accurate record keeping

  3. Who is responsible for follow up

  4. Good intentions of care providers who “made a mistake”

  5. Differential diagnosis

  6. And more…


The DVDs range from 35 minutes to over an hour long. They are priced at $300 each or $1200 for all six.

Keep in mind that the contents of the DVDs are valid measures only for one group of Colorado mock jurors. Due to differences in juror demographics, if you are looking to apply the results of this discussion to a specific case, it is highly recommended that you do separate focus groups to test issues with jurors in your specific venue. The information contained in the DVDs is meant to be SOME information about how jurors perceive these issues.

If you would like to order, please contact me directly at and specify what you would like to order. I will send you a bill and once payment is received, I will ship out your order.

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