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Juror Interviews

For those who don’t know, I send out periodic email newsletters.  The newsletters often contain trial tips that are too secretive to post on an open forum.  Toward that end, I am about to start launching a series of newsletters based upon juror interviews I have done in the past.  I will pick quotes from jurors and explain what the juror is really saying, how it relates to your trial strategy, and what should be done to correct such problems and prevent jurors in your cases from saying the same thing.  Because the information is confidential (even though I will be changing names), I feel more comfortable sending it out to people I know rather than displaying it on the web.  Therefore, if you are not yet on my newsletter list but wish to receive these emails, please contact me directly.  Please send me a link to your firm’s website as I need to ensure that those who receive my newsletters are doing plaintiff’s work.  Send your email to

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