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At Trial Dynamics, we shape the story of each case to make it the most persuasive to jurors.  We rely on experience and research results rather than stereotypes.  We believe that our strategies play a significant part in the mediation or trial outcome. 

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Case Analysis

On a tight budget or not sure where to get started? In just a couple hours’ consult, we can identify problem areas in the case and make suggestions on how to reformat the case to address those issues.


Focus Groups &

Mock Trials

Your trial run should not be in the courtroom. The only people who can truly tell you about the strengths and weaknesses in your case are jurors. When conducted according to sound scientific methods, a research project can provide invaluable feedback that you cannot get elsewhere.


Opening Statements & Closing Arguments

A persuasive opening statement is crucial as jurors will view the rest of the case through the lens that you create in opening.Closing argument is a time to teach jurors to fight for you in deliberations when you are no longer there. We are skilled at creating powerful, convincing opening statements and closing arguments necessary for winning at trial.


Additional Services

We also regularly help attorneys to craft powerful opening statements/closing arguments, assist in witness preparation, conduct post-verdict juror interviews, and do work in family law cases.

Jessica Brylo has exactly the kind of sense you need in a consultant and is an important voice on the trial consulting scene.


~ David ball

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