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Focus Group Cost Share Details

For those who were potentially interested in the focus group cost sharing, here are the finalized details. I want to stress that YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANY PREP WORK, NOR DO YOU NEED TO SHOW UP LIVE. The main benefit is in receiving the DVD footage of the focus groups as well as having the opportunity to request an individual slot to test something specific to your case for only $500. There is some confusion with people thinking they don’t have time on their schedules but otherwise would be interested. This should take no time on your schedule. You may attend one (or more if there is room) focus groups live but that is certainly not required. Here are the details:

1.      Setup: There will be a total of 8 topics tested. Two will be tested at a time with the same jury. This means that each month, on a Saturday, there will be a group of 6-8 jurors present. Jessica Brylo will lead hour-long discussions about 2 of the 8 topics. The next month, with a different jury, another two topics will be tested and so forth until all 8 topics have been tested.

2.    Cost:  $1695 for all 8 topics (that’s $211 per hour-long focus group! Including costs!!!). Individual sessions are extra (see below) but still GREATLY discounted from what it would cost you on your own.

3.    Dates, times, & topics tested: 4th Saturday of each month. The focus groups will usually run from 9am-11am. However, if there is an individual session that needs to be run before the topics (this will depend on what is being tested) then the topic testing may be moved to 10 or 11am. We will let you know of this change a few weeks before the session. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SHOW UP. YOU ARE BUYING DVD COPIES OF THESE FOCUS GROUPS. You will be guaranteed a right to attend one focus group live IF YOU WISH and maybe more if we have room.

     a.    July 26: Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries & Products Liability (the need to go above mandated standards, responsibility of owner vs manufacturer, etc)

     b.    August 23: Expectations of Doctors/Care Providers & Insurance Bad Faith

     c.    Oct 25: Premises Liability & [Tentatively] Feelings About Attorneys/Legal System

     d.    Sept 27: Low Impact Car Crashes & [Tentatively] Hodgepodge of Smaller Issues (i.e. pre-existing injuries, aggravation of injuries, suing the well-intentioned good people, etc)

4.    Rights to view live: We cannot fit everyone in the viewing room so you are guaranteed a right to come watch at least one focus group. If there is room, we will send an email to alert you ahead of time and if you would like to attend another focus group live, you may ask to come. Spots will fill on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will fit as many in the room as we can squeeze.

5.    DVDs: You will receive DVD copies of all focus groups. If you attend live, you may have the DVD before leaving. If you do not attend live, a copy will be mailed to you.

6.    Individual slots: There will be a maximum of 8 individual one hour slots up for grabs. This means that we will recruit jurors to stay for an extra 1-2 hours after the topic testing in order to test your case issues. This is NOT enough time to do a full focus group on a full case. It is helpful, however, if you are early in your case and want guidance for discovery on some issues, testing exhibits, doing some voir dire practice, etc. For more information on this, contact Jessica Brylo directly. Slots will cost an extra $500/hour to cover extra juror pay, video fees, and consulting time, plus an extra $275/hour for any time Jessica Brylo spends coordinating ahead of time with you to create the focus group script. We need to know 3 weeks ahead of time if you want to reserve an individual slot in order to recruit the jurors. The $500 payment will be due 3 weeks ahead as well. And remember, the spaces are first-come, first-serve so they may fill quickly.  Everyone is not guaranteed an individual slot. 

if you are interested, please contact me ASAP.

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